Koufax Triples!

Koufax triples.jpg

Yes, this is the National League, where we play “real baseball”–none of that DH stuff–and Sandy Koufax just tripled.

Virtually every action photo of the Dodger legend taken during his
playing days features him on the mound, but not today.  Sanford Braun
Koufax turns 75, although in the mind’s eye of most people who were
around in the 1960s, he’ll always look a youthful 30, the age he was
when he  announced his retirement just after the 1966 World Series.

Happy birthday, Sandy. 

Many have asked where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing since my last
entry here three months ago.  The response is writing in my “real” job;
catching some offseason baseball, and coming to terms with the San
Francisco Giants being world champions. 

In the months since I last posted, the Scottsdale Scorpions won the
Arizona Fall League Championship and I caught a bit of the San Diego
State Aztecs’ Red-Black Series last month.

I’m ready to flip the calendar.  I hope everyone has had a happy holiday season, and is enjoying winter. 


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